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Evan Brewer (The Faceless) solidified his position as one of today's most dynamic and innovative world renowned bassists with the release of his highly acclaimed solo bass album Alone, which only featured bass instrumentation. This was an extremely risky endeavor that paid off ten-fold showcasing Brewer's full arsenal of bass playing and songwriting skills covering aspects of many genres of music that ultimately exposed him to a new audience outside the metal genre.

On July 9th, Evan Brewer will release the much anticipated sophomore solo album, Your Itinerary, which features the additions of piano, drums and guitars resulting in a very captivating and engaging listen. This new effort is more digestible than its predecessor, but also provides more depth and breathing room for Brewer to get even more adventurous with his instrument. Evan Brewer is a true enigma and with Your Itinerary he further proves that he is one of the most forward-thinking, talented bassists around today.

Brewer states: “As many of you already know my first album Alone was made entirely using the bass guitar and no other instruments. That recording has a very special place in my heart, but I knew going into that process that it was going to be a one time thing. As an artist I feel it's important to grow and evolve, so I fully plan on every album I make being quite a bit different than the previous ones.

“This new effort retains a lot of the feel and tonal approach of Alone, while bringing a dramatic new sound to the table with the introduction of full band type instrumentation. I have always enjoyed collaborating with other musicians because you get to see your arrangements go in directions you may not have predicted.

“Navene Koperweis is an incredible multi instrumentalist and producer. Many will know him as the original drummer of Animals as Leaders or even further back as a founding member, drummer, writer and bandmate of mine in the band Animosity. As for his contribution to this record, he did all the drums, electronic elements and helped me with production and mastering. His contribution to this whole process was immense.

“These songs all began the same way as Alone did with just me locked away writing and arranging in a recording context. I was just using my basses and my imagination to lay down the foundations that would become the songs you hear. Before any collaborations took place 98% of the bass guitar parts were tracked and the same percentage of the arrangements were finalized. This gave the musicians who came in a solid framework and foundation to build on.

“For my art I really want to let the music do the talking, so the act of choosing titles seems to always have a way of narrowing the listener's perception of the music by giving them words to relate the music to. I am not a big fan of telling people how they should perceive an album or song. I guess that's why I try to choose titles that are slightly ambiguous. I want you as a listener to fill in the blanks and determine how the song relates to them. The idea behind Your Itinerary is that I will provide a guide for the listener's journey, but the experiences will be left up to them.” 



  • After The Burial
  • Animals As Leaders
  • Asking Alexandria
  • Bad Omens
  • Betraying The Martyrs
  • Between The Buried and Me
  • Black Veil Brides
  • Body Count
  • Born of Osiris
  • CHON
  • Circa Survive
  • Crosses (†††)
  • Danny Worsnop
  • Dead Posey
  • Drag Me Out
  • Erra
  • Evan Brewer
  • From First to Last
  • I See Stars
  • In Motive
  • Jonathan Davis
  • Juliet Simms
  • Lee McKinney
  • Mestis
  • Night Riots
  • Nita Strauss
  • Oceano
  • Palaye Royale
  • Poppy
  • Slaughter To Prevail
  • Sleeping With Sirens
  • Soreption
  • Starbenders
  • Stick To Your Guns
  • Stray From The Path
  • T.R.A.M.
  • The Dillinger Escape Plan
  • The Faceless
  • The Federal Empire
  • The Smashing Pumpkins
  • Thomas Giles
  • Through Fire
  • Veil of Maya

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